About Me

Stinky cheese in a hotel room in Paris. Photo by Amitha Amranand.

In October 2009, after three wondrous years in New York City, where I completed an MFA in poetry, was teaching creative writing and composition to undergraduates, and reveling in the joys of the slow life, I moved back to Bangkok, Thailand, capital of the not-so-slow-life, where I am from. I now work at BK Magazine as a food writer.  I’ve also written poems that have been published in Folio, Seneca Review, Epiphany, and elsewhere.

I was born in New Delhi, and have lived alone in many cities and have stocked many kitchens.  In New York alone, the count was six.  This might explain why I’m obsessed with food — nothing like cooking up a storm for your friends to say, “I live here.”  I started as a homesick undergraduate in Boston by just recreating simple Indian recipes, and then graduated to insane projects like making my own spinach pasta and rendering and storing my own schmaltz.  I currently live at home with my parents, where the cooking is done for me.  Still, I sneak into the kitchen when no one’s looking.

Not counting freshman year of college, when I had a dinky little Livejournal, this is my first blog.


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